Silvaco Europe Ltd.

Silvaco Europe will provide Technology Computer Aided Design (TCAD) software for physical and MixedMode simulations and Virtual Wafer Fab (VWF) statistical software. Silvaco intends to collaborate with LITEN to provide visualisation capabilities for the ALMA-BTE software and to implement the thermal conductivity models into the ATLAS device simulator. We will also collaborate with technology partners in assisting their modelling efforts. Silvaco will also help to disseminate the results among the design community and ensure effective exploitation of the project results.

Ahmed Nejim obtained his PhD in 1990 in Ion-Solid interaction. A wide experience in ion implantation and semiconductor processing was obtained in 17 years of research in material science, semiconductor physics and microelectronic design. Experience in lecturing, mentoring and facility management. 10 years of technical project management, European multinational projects, Liaison research fellow. Since 2001 he has been working at Silvaco supporting device manufacturing and design community as well as leading many research and development projects.

Stephen Wilson is a senior TCAD development Engineer who obtained his D.Phil in 1991. Stephen has worked in fields as diverse as fluid flow measurement, neutron scattering and ground penetrating radar. His specialism is in the numerical simulation of the physical properties of semiconductor devices. He has completed post-doctoral contracts on the modelling of impact ionisation processes and on modelling ultrafast photodetectors. He has 12 years of commercial experience in semiconductor device simulation. Whilst at Silvaco he has worked on many aspects of numerical device simulation, including electrical, thermal, and quantum properties. Stephen is a proficient computer programmer in the Fortran, C and C++ languages.

Thomas Binder’s scientific interests include data modelling, algorithms, software engineering and semiconductor technology in general. During his work at the institute for microelectronics at the TU Vienna he developed a data model to perform 3D process simulations. During his time at Frequentis he was responsible for developing voice and data communication systems in the field of air-traffic control. In Silvaco he is responsible for the development of a new generation simulation automation framework, grid computing and interactive tools.

Andrew Plews has a BSc from the University of York, an MSc from Portsmouth Polytechnic, and a PhD in Semiconductor Physics from the University of Warwick.  He joined Silvaco in 1997.  Much of this time has been in the TCAD Device group: the electrical and optical simulation of organic materials (in the Enlighten project), electrical noise, fast quasi-2d FET simulations, and the Monte Carlo calculation of mobility. Recently he has been working on Radiant, a GUI front end to ATLAS optical simulations.